Project Experiences

1.Renovasi & Waterproofing Toilet Gedung D DEPTAN RI
2.Renovasi & Waterproofing Perumahan Pejabat Eselon 1 DEPTAN RI (Coating & Cementitious System)
3.Waterproofing Ground Tank Medeterian Golf – PIK (Injection)
4.Waterproofing Office Center LA (Membrane & Cementitious)
5.Waterproofing Darmaga Indah Residence-DS (Coating Systm)
6.Waterproofing Cipete Residence (Membrane System)
7.Waterproofing Cilandak Indah Residence (Membrane System)
8.Waterproofing Cipinang Residence (Coating & Membrane)
9.Waterproofing Jatimakmur Residence (Coating System)
10.Waterproofing Atap Gedung LIPI – PUSPIPTEK Serpong (Coat)
11.Grouting Kantor PT Kontiki – Depok (Grouting Injection)
12.Waterproofing Selasar Gd.C DEPTAN RI (Coating System)
13.Waterproofing Office Center Kota Jaya – Buncit (Cementitious)
14.Waterproofing Plaza Kalibata – Jaksel (Membrane & Sealant)
15.Waterproofing Atap Aprtemen Ratu Plaza Sudirman (Membrane)
16.Waterproofing & Grouting Injection Gedung A-F DEPTAN RI
17.Waterproofing & Grouting Genset Room Permata Bank Tower
18.Waterproofing atap Office Center Sangaji 28 (Membrane)
19.Waterproofing & Grouting Tamini Square
20.Waterproofing Canopy Apartmen Ratu Plaza Sudirman (Membrane)
21.Waterproofing Membrane Atap Ged. A DEPTAN RI
22.Waterproofing Toilet Gedung LIPI – PUSPIPTEK Serpong
23.Grouting Injection Gedung LIPI – PUSPIPTEK Serpong
24.Pembanguna Gorong-gorong – kantor pusat DEPTAN RI
25.Waterproofing Rooftop Permata Tower – Sudirman (Coating)
26.Waterproofing Selasar DEPTAN RI Gd. A, E (Coating)
27.Waterproofing Rooftop Plaza Ciputat (Coating & Injection)
28.Waterproofing & Sealant Wisma Sentosa (Membrane System)
29.Waterproofing Robinson Apartemen – Jembatan Dua (Injection)
30.Waterproofing Talang Mushola Gd.A Deptan RI (Membrane)
31.Waterproofing Broad Brand Service – Cyber Building Jaksel
32.Waterproofing Taman Lt.5 Ratu Plaza – Jakarta (Membrane)
33.Waterproofing Aldevco Building – Warung Buncit, Jaksel
34.Waterproofing Gudang IM2 Indosat – Ragunan (Membrane)
35.Waterproofing Depok Town Square (Membrane & Sealant)
36.Waterproofing Roof Top Danareksa Building – Merdeka Selatan
37.Waterproofing Wisma Cipayung KEMENTAN RI
38.Waterproofing Lt.23 Gedung Blok G Pemprov DKI Jakarta
39.Waterproofing Roof Top Lt.25 Gd Pemprov DKI Jakarta

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